10 ^ 10

10^1 propagates and executes simple and beautiful design ideas that have humanitarian and environmental impact!

10^2 exploits contemporary communication media and building technologies to provide smart design system solutions to pressing global problems!

10^3 harnesses the power of the individual within the collective for culturally sensitive local effects that spread globally!

10^10 projects:

1. Address a pressing humanitarian, environmental, and social need.

2. Exploit contemporary technologies to execute visionary and innovative ideas to systemic global problems.

3. Be simple, smart and quickly implemented while still being adaptable, flexible, and beautiful.

4. Address the individual scale with as much detail as the global scale with a focus on exponential effect.

SEED_Haiti inaugurates what will be a series of 10^10 projects with exponential effects. The situation in Haiti, in which 1,000,00+ people were suddenly left homeless on January 12, 2010 led to this question? How to use the Powers of 10 to house people quickly yet sensibly! Other 10^10 projects include Dispersed Memorial, superABSORBER, Dry-In House, BiCi_N, and PROXY_Florence.

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