Buy ARTivism!

For the first time in my life and career, I have works for sale and today I encourage you to buy art and support works, my “body of play” that promote and create connection, celebrate life, subvert and transform societal and environmental issues that need transforming and which are outrageous acts of boundless unity.

And this is how I’m making a living because this is my full-time “activism” and contribution to society. In appreciation of your support through purchases, connections and positive energy towards fulfilling the flow of currency that sustains, let’s keep these works, these “plays” going!! And let’s get them far! They’re off hatching, sprouting, transforming negative into beautiful! obstacles into opportunities! disruption into inspirational!   Inquire within



Flag of US – 48″ X 96″ painted wood and oil pastels

Letters from Iran – 56″ X 96″ on dibond



NY A/V Concept Drawing – 10.5″ x 27″ on archival matte paper


Impromptu Drawing of US: We Are *Almost All Immigrants Concept Drawing – 11″ X 17″ on archival matte paper


PROXY_Florence Concept Drawing – 10.5″ x 27″ on archival matte paper


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