books and catalogues by me


2009    “NY A/V Cat Scan – 636 Shots of the City”

An analysis of Manhattan.


2009    “ShrineScape”

A mapping of Hong Kong via street shrines as apertures into the city in collaboration with Nancy Sanders, Director of the Hong Kong program at the University of Florida.


2008    Urban CT-scan: The City as Body(ies) in Movement 

Thesis manuscript for the Metropolis Masters and Graduate Program in Architecture and Urban Culture, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona Spain.  Lulu publishers. Invited for publication in LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing 2013


2008    “Small is Big, Product as Urbanism – H20 series”.

Catalogue of student projects addressing global/local crisis surrounding water in Barcelona.  The catalogue includes three winning projects from the Small is Big studio.


2007     “Motion Mappings”

A full scale drawing spanning time and distance. Catalogue of installation prepared and published. Lulu Publishers.


2006    “Dry-In House: an Alternate History for the Reconstruction of New Orleans”

A publication of fieldoffice Dry-In house project in collaboration with Doug Hecker. Lulu Publishers.


2005    “A/V Notations”

Mappings which measure and locate. Catalogue of student work prepared and published for international exhibition. Lulu Publishers.