Drawing Class for teens/ New session: Nov. 17-Dec. 15

The Class

If your young adult loves to draw or is interested in exploring this medium, share this with them and bring them to my two hour afternoon sessions on Thursdays 4:30-6:30. Our new session starts on November 17 and runs through December 15 for 5 weeks of fun and collaboration. The class is also good for those who see the beauty of our visual world or are curious in developing that capacity.

About you

I listen and flow with the interest of each individual, crafting a collaborative environment that is inspiring. In it, each student is guided by their strengths and passions to bring out each unique visual voice while developing new skills and confidence. Class size limit – 5 of you!


About me

I am a professor, an artist/designer and a mother of a teen and an artist. I have taught at the university level in the area of visualization for 18 years in places like Prague, Hong Kong, South Carolina, and Michigan. I have worked in this realm with teens in Florida, New York, Barcelona, and North Carolina. I studied in Florida, New York, Paris and Barcelona and in so many other crevices in the trajectory of my daily life. More about me. Excited to form a new group and share in creativity and curiosity. Let’s have fun!  – Martha

How we play
Here is a sample of how I often start my group classes :
Musical Table – a version of the Musical Chair, where no one is left behind. People of all ages drew together in this one.
About Musical Table in the Mountain Express by Ursula Gullow

Here is a local project by teens created and led by me :
What is Asheville? – The City of Asheville as a Living Board Game


Sample drawings by my young students

$280. $140 will secure your place in the class; $140 due at the start of class. For more information or to enroll, please call me at (864) 650-8570

14 year old student Cannon developing her style