essays by me


2012    Mapping by Every[Body] + The Intricate Relationship between the City and Collective Action

Published in Press review and reflections on architecture, culture and planning on MAPPING, by Marc Kirschbaum In from the Universität Kassel Kassel/Germany (invited).


2010    “CiTy-SCAN: The Sensual/Experiential and Scientific/Abstract Notation of the Human Body and the City Body”

Published in Rebuild Proceedings for the ACSA National Conference. (peer reviewed).


2010    “SEED: Emergent Housing Initiative”

Accepted for development into a paper to present at ConnectED2010 – 2nd International Conference on Design Education under Community Development (peer reviewed).


2009    BiCi_N, a CT-scan of Barcelona; Mapping the human body into the city body”

Published in the proceedings of SIGRADI (the Congreso Iberoamericano de Grafica Digital) titled From Modern to Digital: The Challenges of Transition (peer reviewed).


2007    “Dry-In House” FutureWood, Innovation in Building Design + Manufacturing

fieldoffice Dry-In House project is featured in publication. Canadian Design Research Network, Riverside architectural Press, editor Oliver Neumann and Philip Beesley (peer reviewed).


2006    “Immersive Mappings and an Installation”

Proceedings for the Congreso Iberoamericano de Grafica Digital, Santiago de Chile (peer reviewed).


2006    “Mapping the City in Movement: Imagining Future Possibilities”

Imag(in)ing Worlds to Come. Proceedings for the ACSA Northeast Conference in Quebec, Canada (peer reviewed).


2006    “Audio and Video Drawings – Mapping Temporality”

ACADIA 2006: Synthetic Landscapes. Proceedings for the ACADIA International Conference, Louisville, Kentucky (peer reviewed).


2006    Mapping the City in Movement: The Car as an A/V Apparatus

Surfacing Urbanisms: Recent Approaches to Metropolitan Design. Proceedings for the ACSA West Conference in Pasadena, California (peer reviewed).


2006    “Time/Space Mappings in Audio and Video”

Getting Real. Design Ethos Now. Proceedings for the ACSA National Conference in Salk Lake City, March 30, 2006 (peer reviewed).


2005    “Ephemeralities Documented: Drawing, Trajectory and Urban Intervention” Installations by Architects: Ephemeral Environments, Lasting Contributions.

Journal of Architectural Education, MIT Press (peer reviewed), editors Sarah Bonnemaison, Ronit Eisenbach, and Robert Gonzalez.


2005    “Zoom/Section – From South to North”

SOUTH, Clemson University Press (peer reviewed), editor Ron Rael.


2005    Zoom/Section: A Slow Document in Various Scales”

Encounters/Encuentros/Rencotres. Proceedings for the bi-annual ACSA International Conference in Mexico City, Mexico (peer reviewed)


2005    “NY A/V – a video mapping of New York City

Proceedings for the 2005 Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities. East West Council for Education, Asia-Pacific Institute of Peking University, University of Louisville Honolulu, Hawaii (peer reviewed).


2003    “NY A/V – a video mapping of New York City, Changing Territories, New Cartographies

Proceedings for the ACSA Regional Conference Syracuse University  Syracuse, New York (peer reviewed).


2003    “A/V Mappings and Notations: Merging the Vocabularies of Drawing and Video”

Contribution and Confusion: Architecture and the Influence of Other Fields of Inquiry. Proceedings for the bi-annual ACSA International Conference in Helsinki, Finland


2002    “Video Camera as an Investigative Tool,” Imagining Realms: Remaking Worlds

Proceedings for the ACSA Regional Conference San Luis Obispo, California. California Polytechnic State University  (peer reviewed).


2000    Portico – volume 2000/1

Prague Through Its Endless Inside. Article about Prague studio. Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Michigan.


2001    “ Working Lines,” Dimensions  volume 15, pp. 62-67.

Publication of philosophy on drawing and student work from a drawing course developed and taught at  the University of Michigan (peer reviewed).


2000    “ Prague, Through Its ‘Endless Inside”

Published in International Programs and Research Portico  pp. 24-25. publication of philosophy on drawing and student work from a drawing course developed and taught at  the University of Michigan.


1999    “ Notation A/V,” Dimensions  volume 13, pp. 72-87

article on audio and video as a notational tool – a course developed and taught at the University of Michigan (peer reviewed).