City Visions

Many of my studios are about the city with project proposals that are infrastructures, systems and even products that when introduced and repeated have big effects in the ecology of a place. More assignment examples are coming.


Designing a SELF-SUFFICIENT City.

What is your vision of the City of the 21st Century? Let’s come up with innovative, visionary, forward thinking proposals that are also grounded in the realities of our context today. Think of the city as an ecology and find deficiencies that need to be addressed in order to maintain its balance. The proposal may be a series of interventions, a product, and infrastructure…


read and view Transit Hives project

view Reciprocity project



2010    People, Prosperity and Planet Award (p3) – Environmental Protection Agency, Recognition of Excellence for SEED research at National Design Expo 2010, SEED studio.

2010    d3 natural systems 3rd Prize, Sustainable Worldwide Category Jason Butz, Frank D’Andrea, and Carla Landa from my Ecological Cities studio for their Reciprocity: Rethink Consuming project.

  5th prize in the Self-Sufficient City Competition My students Jason Butz, Carla Landa and Francis D’Andrea’s project Reciprocity  is chosen amongst 708 proposals from architects, artists and students from 116 countries as a winner of the competition.

2010  Reciprocity project is published in Self Sufficient City: Envisioning the future of habitat. Barcelona: Actar


* For the complete list of awards and honors received by my students for work in my studios and seminars go to honors by my students



Students: Janis Fowler, Mark Gettys, Jason Butz, Carla Landa, Francis D’Andrea, Mike Stopka and more coming…