Drawing In Between the Line

The insertion into the MACBA (Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona) is a ball of tape – the objectification of an exchange frozen and displayed. The ball of tape is closed and containing an exchange between two people, two places, cultures and languages found in a space of in-between.

The ball of tape was formed from the dismantling of two drawings created at the MACBA’s in-between space, at the threshold between inside and outside, between museum and public space. The drawings were drawn by us as exhibit and as performance and as a vehicle for interaction.

The process took place from morning to afternoon on a Saturday. On the ground plane of the museum’s ground plane as our canvas, we made two life-size, two-dimensional representations of two remembered intimate – domestic spaces. Our individual homes in two different locations (Israel and U.S.) emerged with the passing of the day within this public yet private space.

A video document reveals the various intersections that occurred in this process – that of the life occurring that day between the physical space of the museum and the square as well as the threshold between two distant places.


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Collaborator: Shahar Levy for Photography as Mapping | Suzanne Strum & Diego Ferrari at the Metropolis Program Barcelona, Spain