A new hardscape is conceived for Father Duffy’s Square in New York City as an interactive ground plane that folds up and back around to form a canopy/sign for the new TKTS ticketing booth. Comprised of web cams and LED clusters, this interactive field captures and projects ordinary everyday events of people everywhere in the world into the square. The booth/canopy is placed at the northernmost edge of the site freeing up as much of the square’s ground plane as possible and allowing for unfettered movement and gathering when the booth is not in operation. During operation the queues of people who gather daily define the space of the square capturing the events within. Circling along the side of this crowd (their side) and making a continuous loop around the square and up the canopy is a band of information about the many plays for which tickets are being sold. These, like the projected events, people and places are constantly refreshing – appearing and disappearing, as they become available and unavailable. The TKTS booth/Duffy’s Square is like a chameleon, transforming, appearing and manifesting itself as the TKTS (selling plays about life’s events), and disappearing into a field of real (live) events close and faraway. It is a large bulletin board and a time keeping device as it collects events and randomly archives them.













Collaborator: Doug Hecker with fieldoffice