May 2010

Reciprocity by Martha Skinner students is published in Self Sufficient City: Envisioning the future of habitat by Actar

The work of Carla Landa, Frank D’Andrea, and Jason Butz in Martha Skinner’s Ecological Cities studio is featured as one of the winning projects in this 416 page book by Lucas Capelli and Vicente Guallart

Link to the book

February 2010

superABSORBER is published in A+U: Architecture and Urbanism

The project is featured in an article by Brownell, Blaine called “Testing Ground: Emergent Green Materials and Architectural Effects” in A+U’s issue “Materials / Treatments”

Fall 2009

The work of Martha Skinner is published in Fellowships in Architecture. Berkeley: ORO editions, edited by Monica Ponce de Leon

superABSORBER done in collaboration with Douglas Hecker, and Motion Mapping done by an undergraduate studio at Clemson University is featured along with the work of 56 other former

Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning Fellows at the University of Michigan is featured in this book which celebrated the 25th year of the fellowships.

Link to the book

November 2009

Dry-In House and Marsh House are featured in 1000 Ideas by 100 Architects, published in 3 languages

The book is edited by Sergi Duran and Mariana Eguaras, Beverly, MA:Rockport Publishers and published in Dutch, English and Spanish. Other designers in the publication include:Massimiliano Fuksas, Acconci Studio, Mario Botta, Studio Pei-Zhu, Josep Lluís Mateo / MAP, Gora art & landscape, Pugh + Scarpa, Jurgen Mayer, UN Studio, Germanwings del Sol, Imre Makovecz, and Weiss / Manfredi, and Atelier Hitoshi Abe.

September 2009

Seed in Open City: Designing Coexistence. Catalogue Architecture Biennale Rotterdam

Edited by Kees, Christiaanse. Amsterdam, NL: Sun Architecture 2009


Dry-In House published in FutureWood, Innovation in Building Design + Manufacturing

Canadian Design Research Network, Riverside architectural Press, editor Oliver Neumann and Philip Beesley


October 2009

NY A/V in Installations Architects by Princeton Architectural Press

The project is published in the Public Space chapter of the book by Sarah Bonemaison and Ronit Eisenbach

April 9, 2009

Seed is featured in WorldChanging

In “Friday Roundup: Our Favorite Finds This Week” by Alex Steffen and Julia Levitt

February 24, 2009

SEED is featured at ISBU (Intermodal   Steel Building Units and Container Homes) News.

“Project: GreenCube: Clemson University” by Barry Naef

October 2008

Martha Skinner’s drawings are published in “Architects Draw-freehand Fundamentals”, Princeton Architectural Press

Work from Freehand Drawing Program at the Cooper Union. Book by Sue Ferguson Gussow


superABSORBER in Architectural Record.

By Joann Gonchar

May 18, 2007

superABSORBER in Metropolis Magazine

the project is featured in an article called the Power of Youth by Rebecca Cavanaugh

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