I Am a Seed

Some of you asked! And yes!!!!! a group is forming! There’s one more chance for us to gather for Living Section Retrospective of My Fertility!

Join us on November 29th from
2-4 at the Weizenblatt Gallery! *

My first solo show and launch of my next project!

Thank you to all who were there for the opening. It meant so much to have you there! Didn’t want to leave you out of this new invitation. There’s also a few new things on the Seed Wall!

Emerging on the other shore after being grabbed by an angry sea!

💛 Love!


* p.s. If that group time doesn’t work, there are two small groups forming for December 13 at 11:30-1:30 and at 2:30-4:30. Otherwise, Gallery hours are: M-F 10-4 Please avoid lunchtime – between 12:30-1:30. Mars Hill University is 15 minutes drive from north Asheville. The exhibit end on December 15.

The Weizenblatt Gallery is in the Moore Fine Arts Building in Mars Hill University. 79 Cascade Street, Mars Hill. North Carolina

For more on Living Section Retrospective of My Fertility
visit WNC Woman’s November 2017 issue and the publication of my artist statement

visit the Mountain Xpress article by Thomas Calder – Interacting with art – Martha Skinner explores different ways to create

For more on I Am a Seed
visit TEDxGreenville’s portfolio about Martha

or go directly to my TEDx talk at:
in youtube – The Exponential Power of Design

For more about the angry sea!
…. .. … .. also watch the YouTube Tedx video above

For an introduction to my new project
visit BeAutism in my website

Bonus: Video of exhibition at this link


More thanks!

I want to thank Elizabeth Lang, Jeff Kinzel, Severn Somerville Eaton, Cannon Crawford-Wilson, Thomas Calder and Mountain Xpress, Sandi Tomlin-Sutker and WNC Woman, Jesse Gumucio-Kitt and Jesse Kitt Photography for your support getting this body of “play” up and running and for helping me get the word out.

… as well as Randy Shull, Julie Becton Gillum, Alice Sebrell and and Black Mountain College Museum, Rebecca MacNeice, Kimathi Moore, Scott Doc Varn and Harmony interiors, Stephen Nerlick, Chad Adair, Charles Skinner for sharing equipment! Thanks Diana Brewster for your continuous help with my website and such expertise!

Thank you to the huge list of collaborators, participants, students, ambassadors… on all of these projects over time!

Thank you to Kenn Kotara for the invitation to do this and Mars Hill University for hosting me! Thank you to the students who helped out. And in particular thanks to Shannon McBride!

Special thanks to Jon Griffith who accompanied me, helped me and supported me until the last minute of the crunch and put up with my huge mess to pull this together.

Special thanks to my grandmother Carmelina (in beautiful memory), mother Marina Skinner and my daughter who doesn’t want to be mentioned but has been such integral part of this process! thanks to these three women for their daily inspiration in this process of life and in this sliver of time that we celebrate!!

Photos by Jesse Kitt during the November 1st opening of the retrospective


Projects in Living Section Retrospective of My Fertility:


NY A/V 2001 – 2005                                                   – photo 14

BiCi_N 2008                                                                 – photos 3, 8, 12

PROXY_Florence 2009                                              – photo 12

Drawing in Between the Line 2007                          – photo 3, 8

Dia de Los Trastos 2008                                             – photo 3, 8

Motion Mapping 2005, 2006, 2011                          – photos 4, 5, 6, 7

Side Walk 1995

from the Inhabitable Drawing Series


10×10, A Table 2011

Flag of US 2017                                                             – photos 9, 10

from the Faces on Top of Faces Series


Dispersed Memorial 2001                                          – photos 6, 11

Memory Cards – Impromptu 2011                           – photo 13

Letters From Iran 2009                                              – photos 2, 4, 7

Se[ct]ism Cut 2014

CiTy-SCAN 2008                                                          – photos 3, 8, 12

from the Living Section Series


The Power of 10^10 2010

I Am a SEED 2015

from the Exponential Power of Design Series


Animal Crossing Characters as Humans and Orchids on a Tree 2017

Still Life 1995

Side Walk 1995

BeAutism 2017

from the Seed Series