Flag of US


Let’s transform our American flag into a Flag of US. Join us for a participatory drawing and improvisational music event of sharing in which we break down imaginary boundaries that divide us while we create together playfully. Everyone is welcome! The performance is created in real time by the participants: those feeling marginalized and those in solidarity with the marginalized. We will meet around a large table that has been painted to represent the American flag. After eating and mingling on this flag/table, we will draw each other’s faces—and faces on top of faces—to the stop-and-go rhythm of the emerging music we create together. Flag of US is based on the game of Musical Chairs—but in this activity, no one is ever left out.

The event will take place at THE BLOCK Off Biltmore, Downtown Asheville, 39 S. Market Street (corner of Eagle and Market) on Sunday, July 2nd as part of our national day weekend celebration from 5:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m.

Alcoholic beverages, refreshments and vegan food will be available for purchase at a modest price. Participants are invited to bring musical instruments to share. Drawing supplies will be provided. The completed Flag of US will be on display at THE BLOCK OFF Biltmore. Sliding scale cover charge $1-$10 per person at the door or reserve now


No experience with drawing or playing an instrument is required in order to participate. We will do this together. We will help each other out. We are going to have fun! Three languages that we all understand—food, drawing, and music—will guide us through the process and bring us together. All are invited and welcome!

Watch our recent Flag of US emerging in this 47 seconds video

Watch an earlier version of this activity at Our Voices, Our Stories in 2012

Listen to La Radio Asheville FM interview in Spanish [play between 6:44-26:00]

musical table

Martha is an artist, designer, educator, and mother. Her work, which stems from her involvement in all these areas of life, takes the form of participatory installations, performances and products that investigate and restore balance to environmental and humanitarian issues of our society while prompting connection. Her award-winning work have been exhibited and pusblished internationally.

THE BLOCK off Biltmore is our local space in downtown Asheville for “Building community and inclusive friendship between diverse movements, where social justice issues are discussed, actions formulated, and deep, healing happens”.

Our last Flag of US will be on display at the Weinzenatt Gallery at Mars Hill University in August 2017

10X10, A Table (an earlier version) was on display at the Highsmith Union Gallery at UNCA, the Asheville Arts Council in Asheville and Upstairs [Artspace] in Tryon in 2012


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