10^10 Blow Out

A visual, auditory and kinesthetic performance in which guests experienced first-hand the power of design and envisioned how it can effect the world.

The performance started outdoors weeks prior to the Blow Out, as 10 unique dresses were constructed in 10 outdoor spaces each time closer to the Blow Out event. The dresses, which were made out of the same 10 incrementally bigger triangles, culminated on 10 dancers forming complexity from singular to collective in dialogue with a sound piece in 10 voices and a beat of 10. As a backdrop were 10 glowing visuals transforming in decreasing and increasing scale. The performance expanded via body-borne projections into the exponential pink to red hue of the space and guests.

10^10 projects, simple yet powerful visions for humanity and the environment, were on display.

The night ended with senko hanabi, 100 handmade sparklers glittering into exponential delicate fire while we celebrated several birthdays with cake.

Each participant left with a simple and beautiful gift, 1 flower and 10 seeds.

The performances culminated in an exponential glowing piece, inspiring others to pursue and support simple design ideas for improving the world.

visit 10^10.org

view 10^10 Blow Out video


Blow Out Artists: garment designer Brooke Priddy from Ship to Shore / performer and signer Molly Kummerle, Paper Tiger / dancers and choreographers Susan and Giles from The Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre / new-media artist Gene Felice from the Creative Technology and Art Center at the Odyssey Community School / acoustic engineer Scott Shepard from Kuma Sonics / sound artist Elisa Faires / theorist and media artist David McConville from Elumenati and the Buckminster Fuller Institute.

Assistant: Bonnie Currie

Hosts: The Pink Dog Creative in the River Arts District / The French Broad Chocolate Lounge in downtown Asheville.

Video and Photography: Ben Mason / Camilla Calnan / Pattiy Torno / Scott Duncan / Vanessa Bell

Volunteers: Rose Cowles / Byron Scott / Kimati Moore / Timothy Sadler / Vanessa Bell / Brett McCall / Andrea Preilipper

Sponsors: The French Broad Lessons from and Appalachian Table / The French Broad Chocolate Lounge/ Boca / 5 Walnut Bar.