Drawing For Action!


A space and activity for teens and young adults to heal and unify: to inspire and be inspired. A place for love and creativity!

Drawing to explore, communicate, propagate ideas, observations, critiques on social issues as a way to take action with a focus on humanitarian and environmental issues.

A space for teens and young adults to:

  • develop drawing skills in collaboration with others that love to draw while together exploring issues of our society that need addressing.
  • Give voice to under-represented groups and under-represented issues in creative, unique ways while developing your own voice and proposing solutions.
  • use drawing, a way of seeing, a way of generating, a way of dreaming up ideas and a way of communicating, as a form of activism, giving voice to issues of interest and to explore these individually or to share with a larger community.


Recent prompts and questions:

1 – From point to lines : What is your dream?
2 – Light volumes : Emerging gestures
3 – Drawings on top of drawings : Collaboration and exchange
4 – Figures and space : Clarity and your voice
5 – Layering and repetition : Dissemination of ideas and action!


Slide show of process above ^     Sample projects here below


LOVEcALL : Communication failure between cultures. Humans in between places. Displaced! Diversity is Beautiful. Why borders? Oxygen mask reaching to Mother Earth

IMG_7951   IMG_7311   IMG_8448IMG_6641   IMG_0774   IMG_0772 FullSizeRender copy   IMG_7354   IMG_9555

An actual alien inspired by Resident Aliens reflecting on earth, our environment, humanity and a natural phenomenon – migration

Same faces, different ethnicities. We are one, confused. Communication breakdown. Love. Inclusiveness. Together. Teamwork.



Women in red!


artists: Sophia Arbelaez, Jordan Stratford, Devi Benkoczy-Friebus, Sanjay Khindria, Chase Jones, Raina Rusafova Markulis, Boryan Rusafova Markulis                                                       * Their projects were done in collaborations and individually


Some of the artists participated in Impromptu Drawing of US : We Are *Almost All Immigrants to turn the American flag into a Flag of US



IMG_0773   FullSizeRender-5