Flag of US – why the blue faces?

Transforming our American flag into a Flag of US is part of a series of collective participation performances choreographed by Martha Skinner, a project inspired by the game of Musical Chairs—but in this version, no one is ever left out. This one is a response to the divisive rhetoric and acts going on in our nation. Through the drawing of each others faces-—and faces on top of faces—to the stop-and-go rhythm of the emerging music we create together on a large table that had been painted to represent the American flag, we break down imaginary boundaries that divide us while we create together playfully.

Listen to the commentary as the Flag of US emerges

and find out why the blue faces!


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2017   Performed and displayed at the Asheville Arts Council, Thom Robinson and Ray Griffin Exhibition Space at the Refinery Creator Space. Asheville, N.C.

2017  Created, performed and displayed at The Block OFF Biltmore, Asheville. N.C.