Impromptu… and how a second can change the outcome!


On display and changing from March 28th – April 25th, 2014

Impromptu, at the Asheville Area Arts Council invites the viewer to pause and capture the poetic structure of time and place and to participate. Visual, sound, interactive, and installation works made up the exhibition. The show was up and changing from March 28, April 25 2014.



+ Sarah Baird –  “Koori” performed on a block of ice transforms and dissolves during the duration of the exhibit

+ Juan Benavides

+ Richard Brewster –  “Quantisise Machine” ever-changing sound piece as affected by the visitors who adjust the circuits


+ Margaret Curtis – “Loaded”

+ Kevin Hogan

+ Jeff Kinzel

+ Nava Lubelski – “Ruin” guests continued stitching and “Repairing” it for the duration of the exhibit

arts_council_635386806549289_2147770541021733483_n     arts_council_629124010508902_8559948719564133103_n

+ Kimathi Moore – “Sound Painting”: Everlasting Castle

arts_council_629118340509469_4409356352819777071_n     bistra_10152036625818663_9199991988071990355_n

+ Alice Sebrell – “Hover One”


+ Lorraine Walsh –  “Voice Me” a sound visualization from a collection of skate parks across the United States

+ Valeria Watson Doost – 3 piece: “Feeling on Your Booty”, “Dream”, and “Faces”


Thank you to all who participated and to the photographers who captured the works and our celebration: Bistra Hristova, Micah Mackenzi, and the Asheville Area Arts Council. Thank you to all who came to the opening and participated adding and interacting with the works.

Martha Skinner, Curator