What is Asheville?

Experience the city as a game, map it in a life-size gameboard.

“What is Asheville?” was a week of play and experimentation in the streets of Asheville, North Carolina. Using Cell phones, GPS, text messaging and mission-driven exploration, middle schoolers from various neighborhoods of Asheville engaged their city as Living Game collecting obstacles and opportunities. Their findings were be compiled daily into a Living Gameboard, an interactive collective journal where they dynamically organized and reorganized their collected information through the compositions of words, sound, gestures and imagery as a way to understand their city holistically. This lead to visions by our youth for our city, and a celebration on Earth Day!

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What is Asheville?














What is Asheville?























Mentors: Graham Hackett, Leader of Poetics Program and member of The Poetix Vanguard and Asheville Area Arts Council Program Director, Laura Jensen, actor, director, and co-creator of NYC theater company Bone Orchard, Jorge Raedo from What is A?, Barcelona and Helsinki 

Volunteers:  Micah Mackenzie from Micah Mackenzie Photography ,SisterJ Spiritvoice from The Honeybee Project, and Carrie Rains

Technical Support: Scott Shepard, owner and technical director at Kuma Sonics, Scott Doc Varn – Harmony Interiors Aesthetic Technology

Video Production: Brian R.A. Miele

Sound Editing & Music: Tommy Gun Productions

Host: Asheville Design Center and downtown Asheville

Fundraising: The Hope Ice cream

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