GAME-ON! Let’s play!

musical table

Last week prior to Thanksgiving I was drawn to a call for entries called Game On. My motivation to dig out old projects for this helped me realize an aspect of my “work” that I don’t normally emphasize. While I’ve always been aware of the playful collaborations  that I initiate, and I like to talk about play and exploration as opposed to “work”, it is not usual for me to refer to my projects as games. I was amazed at how many of my games I wanted to submit. And in the context of that particular week, it was refreshing to assemble these.

Though I wanted to submit more, I submitted three: Dia de Los Trastos, 10×10, A Table, and Small Environments. It was a great reminder that those playful collaborations have always been about the opposite of what we’re hearing about so much these days. They are about inclusiveness and in playful ways, break down imposed boundaries of all sorts that separate. They reminds us in subtle innate ways about our inherent connection while also nurturing respect and love for our environment. 

dia de los trastos

dia de los trastosDia de Los Trastos

musical table10X10, A Table


Thankful for all who have played and I’m inspired for bigger collaborations, bigger games still yet to play. 

In the spirit of exchange and connection and with the byproduct of drowning out rhetoric that separates, I look forward to huge collaborations.